The process of copying our clients original artwork is critical to producing successful prints. Through experience we have mastered this process whether scanned or photographed, using Imacon scanners for transparencies or mediumformat cameras and daylight balanced lighting and adapted ICC colour management for any work above A4 in size.

When copying original paintings it is important to understand how to combat the surface lighting problem thrown up by glossy oil paint or surfaces that reflect studio lighting such as glitter or metallics.
We use filters to improve this so that the final result is perfect.

When we are engaged to copy original work we provide the customer with a contact sheet and a DVD of the high resolution images and usually hold a copy of the images on back up. We recognise that handling original artwork
requires a great deal of care, to this end we can collect work directly from you and return it by hand. We do not use couriers to transit original artwork which removes any risk of damage and concern for the artist. There are of course
situations where the originals cannot be relocated for copying; in these cases we are happy to provide a quotation to come and set up on site. Although some clients prefer to supply their own digital files there are often long term
benefits in working directly with us at this stage. Compromising on copying can result in reproduction issues.
Your prints will only ever be as good as the capture.

Where clients wish to supply digital files, they should where available send them to us in RGB format at 300ppi resolution at full size. This allows for adequate data to ensure high quality reproduction.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Detail 1: Image shot without correct filtering
Detail 2: Improved lighting set-up leads to perfect capture

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