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We only survive thanks to the artists, photographers and designers that come back to see us again. Here are some comments made by them:

There is no one more dedicated to exact image replication than Graeme Locke at Eye 4 Colour.
I have used Eye 4 Colour as the sole printer to produce my limited edition fine art prints since 2004.
I have found Eye 4 colour totally dedicated to knowing everything the industry has to offer.
The technical expertise, precise colour representation, friendly and one to one attitude is unique.
This is complemented by the perfectionist photography they can also offer and that I now use to capture all my original works.
I highly recommend Eye 4 Colour as a professional and individual service.

<Ben Allen, Artist

Eye 4 Colour could be called Eye 4 Perfection as well, Graeme’s work is meticulous and the product is brilliance.

< Chris Kettle, Artist

After a spell in the wilderness with missed deadlines, substandard photography and badly cropped images, Eye 4 colour came as a breath of fresh air.

Graeme is meticulous, personable and a pleasure to work with, going out of his way to accomodate my needs.

He also drinks whisky.


< Andrew Hofmeyr, Artist

Whether you're an established artist with the highest specifications - or are just beginning to explore the complex world of limited edition prints - Graeme Richardson-Locke at Eye 4 Colour will enable you to achieve, if not surpass, the results you are looking for. With his vast knowledge of printing and a great friendly attitude Graeme fulfilled all my printing requirements to produce truly gallery-quality artworks.

> Mike Edwards, Artist

Brilliant!.. Graeme has an eye for colour like no other printer... he carefully spent ages getting the colours spot on, I'm always delighted with the results.


> Katty McMurray, Artist


Graeme is a Master Printer witha personal touch. He makes you feel valued and that your work is special by taking time with you to ensure the final result is perfect.


<David Peck, Photographer

Graeme wants things to be right, in life as in making fine prints. This means he expects his clients to be as on top of their game as he is on his. And always with a smile - and sometimes even with a deep echoey laugh thats scares small children
<Rod Clark, Designer/maker

We have worked with Graeme at Eye 4 Colour for some time now, the quality of the work he produces is a superb as his taste in music.
I am delighted to have met Graeme , he is a true professional.

<Paul Griffin, Popchoc Art

I was first introduced to Graeme Locke about in 2004 at one of my own exhibitions at a well-known Brighton gallery. He was very impressed with my work and asked if he could do some test prints for me after the show. He was offering something quite new to me at the time – Giclee and stretched canvas printing. I had never seen any of my work printed on canvas before. I remember when he delivered my first stretched canvas print, he was like an excited child waiting for someone to open up a surprise gift. He really wanted to make an impression – and he certainly did. I introduced him to a challenge - coloured borders with my name running up the side, which had to be absolutely perfectly spaced, and absolutely perfectly wrapped -  Graeme has made this one of his specialties along with his personable service.

I let Graeme know I was setting up my own fine art photography company and wanted to work along side someone that understands my passion for fine art photography and printing. Graeme has a love of photography himself and we have been working together for 3 years now. Between us we are steadily growing our own fine art creative businesses.

We are both perfectionists in our own field and there is not much that Graeme doesn’t know about the print business, which has been his forte for many years. He has a continual vision to create the perfect art print of the highest quality and he gives each client a combination of care, consideration, promptness and efficiency, and an individuality that is hard to come by in the business world.

We have developed a lovely friendship and respect for each other’s work and talent. I always look forward to being in his company and he in mine. A very rare find!

<Gill Orsman, Fine Art Photographer

Graeme's attention to texture and colour helps to  produce fine art prints which can show the subtleties of an oil landscape's painted and glazed surface.

< David Moore, Painter 


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