Whether the application is fine art reproduction or photographic portraiture, PremierArt™ 350gsm Water Resistant Canvas is ideal for the job. It is a 65% polyester with 35% cotton blend to give a finished canvas that stretches exceptionally well and remains resistant to sagging over time. The surface coating being semiâ€┬Égloss makes for a very wide colour gamut and resistance to water. We also apply 3 coats of sprayed UV inhibiting varnish to seal the print before stretching onto 40mm kiln dried gallery frames.

< The print can be made to wrap the edge of the stretcher or can be produced so that the frame has a white edge. Just let us know your preference.

Certificates of authenticity are available with serial numbered self adhesive hologram to attach to the print

Canvas stretching – neat edges, professional finish

Canvas stringing – again, professional finish

This image shows the colour range of fine art Canvas compared to the adobe 1998 RGB space


Download Canvas ICC Profile here

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