Before we begin printing we ensure that images are of the highest quality.
At this stage we check that the colour match will be remain accurate to the original throughout the printing process.

We look at the digital file and ensure that there are no imperfections that would detract from the reproduction, colours can be adjusted under the direction of the artist as can selective retouching of dust, scratches and other artefacts.

We undertake complete image restoration where required to repair faded or damaged originals.

Using sophisticated ICC colour management software allows us to understand if any colours in the artist or photographer’s original will fall outside our printer’s capability. Although this is unusual it’s better to discuss it before running any editions so that our client’s appreciate what is happening throughout the process.

The whole colour management solution is critical to success, by applying our specialist skills and calibrating our cameras, scanners, monitors and printers we do achieve outstanding quality prints. The illustration (right) shows a
comparison between a widely used RGB (Monitor) colourspace our Pro Photosatin paper’s colour range and the colour achievable using one of our archival fine art papers.

The major benefit to our customers of our control is that excellent prints are realised and can be replicated to the same standard throughout the life of an edition.

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